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Bill Clinton “Dominican Republic is a great place and everyone should come to know the country”

The former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, said that the Dominican Republic is a safe destination for tourism and calls on its citizens to visit the Caribbean country without fear.

Clinton said he has always felt safe in the Dominican Republic, while stating that, “This nation is well managed and the people involved in the tourism industry are doing a good job”.

The former US president gave these statements a few days ago in his last visit to Playa Grande Golf & Ocean Club, in Rio San Juan, northeast of the Dominican Republic.

Take a look here at specific questions from journalists and Mr. Clinton’s answers

Bill Clinton: I think everyone already knows that I love the Dominican Republic, I had never been here before, (Rio San Juan), I have played elsewhere, this field is beautiful, I think the DR is on its way to recover completely after from the stumble they had, this is a great place and everyone should come to meet the country.

Journalist: Do you think the golf courses are good in the Dominican Republic?

Bill Clinton: It is a wonderful place for golf, there are different types of courses, most people who have not visited do not know the diversity of geography and the different terrain. There are also many great companies that have contributed, if you like golf it is a great place to come and visit but it is also a wonderful place for others to do other things.

Journalist: Do you feel safe in the Dominican Republic?

Bill Clinton: I’ve always felt safe in this country because I think this nation is well managed and people involved in the tourism industry are doing a good job.

I came very soon after the first controversy and was confident once the autopsy results came out they would justify what had happened. The ranking indicates that there are 58 countries in the world that are less safe for American tourists and that was precisely what the results yielded.

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