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Marlin Sport Fishing at Punta Cana

Embark on a 50 feet long Yacht in this 3/4 day (6 hours) Marlin deep sea fishing trip. A private concierge from Caribbean Villa Retreats and an expert offshore fishing team will accompany you on this wonderful adventure, in one of the most spectacular and richest waters in the entire Caribbean

White Marlin in Punta Cana

Go fishing on a boat trip from Punta Cana. To do this, you will go to the open sea waters of the Dominican Republic, where a captain will show you the secret fishing spots that only Dominicans know. There, you will have the best opportunities for fishing your Marlin. With the help of the advice and all the fishing equipment.

The crew can suggest fishing stops and offer all the help you need. In addition, your dedicated Caribbean Villa Retreats concierge will arrange everything for you and your family or friends.

About the Fishing Spot:

Fishing for Blue Marlin has boomed in the Dominican Republic over the last 5 years and the country is now one of the biggest Blue Marlin fisheries in the whole world. While high season here runs from July to September you can find the species in the water all year round.

High season means just that – this fish double headers have been fairly frequent, with many charters quoting a catch a day in the summer. In recognition of this fact, the Billfish Report named the Dominican Republic as no. 1 billfishery in 2013, calling the 2013 season there “one of the finest Blue Marlin seasons the world has ever seen.”

Blue Marlin

Here they tend to be slightly smaller than average, but their abundance and agility certainly makes a trip to the Dominican Republic more than worthwhile.

Contact us now and… let’s go fishing that Marlin!

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