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Travelers maintain confidence in the Dominican Republic (October 2019)

Source: Arecoa – 05 / 10 / 2019

Los Haitises – Samaná

More good news for the Dominican Republic.

According to consumer surveys sponsored by Apple Leisure Group,the North America’s vertically-integrated travel, hospitality, and leisure management group:

  • 60.5% of American travelers do not trust media reports
  • The vast majority had a memorable experience in the country

Data obtained by consumer surveys and travel agencies sponsored by Apple Leisure Group (ALG) in conjunction with travAlliancemedia shed new light on the impact of sensational news reports from the mainstream media of how people currently perceive the Dominican Republic.

For example, almost 92% of consumers surveyed indicated that they had seen the recent negative news coverage of the DR. Interestingly, the impact of the latest media reports seems to be divided in half.

43.9% said they would consider visiting or have no worries in traveling to the DR. In a similar survey of travel agents, almost half (47.6%) said they had had clients who traveled to the Dominican Republic since the wave of negative news coverage.

Most carefree travelers said it is because they do not trust media reports (60.5%), while almost 29% said they had traveled to the Dominican Republic before and therefore were not afraid to return.

Casa de Campo – La Romana

“I’ve already been here three times. I came here to perform for the first time in Hard Rock and then came back on vacation. Upon returning for the third time, the news was not really a factor for me because I had already experienced it, ”said American Idol season 12 winner Candice Glober, through Alliancemediamedia in Punta Cana last summer.

Of the almost 250 travelers who indicated that they have been in the Dominican Republic, almost two thirds (65.9%) rated their experience as four or five out of five.

Once again, the Dominican Republic is the preferred destination in the Caribbean for North American travelers. And at Caribbean Villa Retreat, we celebrate it!!

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